hotel olas the best hotel in bocas

gal, 13.12.2011 1416

shalom lekolam want to recomend hotel olas for everybody,israelies and non israelies. it is in 6th street close enouth for the center and far enouth to be a quiet and beautifull hotel the staff are very nice and helpfull,the rooms ery clean and it is on the water the rooms are for two-three people and the price is 45 for 2 people includes continental breakfast,air condition private shower with hot water free internet and wifi and all made of wood very beautifully the hotel also have bicyles kayaks surfboards wake boards and they make tours with the best boats on the islands we planned to stay there for 3 nights and we stayed a week!!!!!! hotel olas made us feel at home we will be back if you are going from the airport take a taxi 1$ and if you from the boat take left until carlos steak house and than right til the end, and than 15 meters to the right,it is total ditstance of 5-10 minuts walk from the boat you can also make a reservation by their site or at to make sure that you have a place,

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