paraguay!! after two days **important**

ciudad del este...חברה אל תבזבזו את הזמן.. ** the most important thing!!! ** dont forget to sign your passport when u first enter to Paraguay from the ciudad del este u have to go back and sign it cause if not u get fined of 50 dollars!!!! ******************************************** ok people dont waste your time there.. most of the things are like israel and the real things like i pod and digital camera are more expensive.. by the way about the hizballa yes its true i didnt saw any weapons but i saw smoe people with tatto so its ok to be there but dont say anything in hebrew... about the capital city Asonsion something like this... there is nothing to see here but its really cool way to go to bolivia... paraguay not so cheap as everyone told me... so there is nothing to see but the people so nice cause they see here tourist one in a million and there are too much police so i think the crime rate here is not low... u could find a place to sleep next to the bus staion it cost 65000 for 3 people very small room but very small it call hotel yoto with a blue big sign on the enter u will find here there are planty of hotels but they sucks! dont waste too much time its really boring... hope u having great time Doron Segal
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