Uyuni to Tupiza/Villazón with crowded 4X4 - DANGEROUS - Don´t do it!!!

People - We were in Uyuni last week, and after we returned from the Salar on Thursday afternoon, could not get train tickets to Villazon. You can only buy them the day before, from 14:30, and when you return from the Salar at 18:00 they´re already closed. We were desparate to leave Uyuni already and get to Argentina, and eventually agreed to go by 4X4, with 10 people in the car. The other car they sent out had 12 people in it!!! Besides the fact that it is NOT SAFE, the driver kept falling asleep on the wheel, and at some point we almost died, when the car went off the track, and we almost fell down the cliff!!!! So spare your lives, even if you´re desparate to leave Uyuni, like we were, it´s better to wait for the next day, and get a bus that goes to Tupiza.

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