from knowing rosario more then 4 month of living and traveling in south america more then 15 month i can tell you that. this city have lots of beutifoul girl thats right, but if you planing on having your share with them, dont keep your hopes up.if you are a female that planing to come here, be ready that no one even look at you. this city as nothing really to do doring the week, not like buenos or cordoba. which have parys all week long. you can find more then 15 hostel in the city, one of them located 2 blooks from madam which is the bigest and the nicest disco in the city. the best party is on friday night which will be almost imposible to go inside if you have less then 25. i chose rosario to live and not cordoba becouse the population of rosario have less student and great parys IF YOU HAVE MORE THEN 25, IF YOU HAVE LESS I WILL RECOMEND ON CORDOBA WHICH I LIVED THERE 3 MONTH AND HAVE MORE YOUTH POPULATION, AND MORE WAY TO GET INVOLVE WITH THE PEPOLE, BECOUSE THEY ARE MORE USED TO TRAVELERS, AND NATURALY THEY ARE NICER THEN THE PEPOLE OF ROSARIO. ENJOY YOUR TRIP AND DONT GET STOCK ON ONE PLACE, THERE IS SO MUCH TO SEE IN THIS AMAZING CONTINENT.
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