An amazing viewpoint between Calafate and Natales

Most people travel between El Calafate and Puerto Natales without being aware of this amazing place that lies in the middle. Near the border and the town of Rio Turbio there is a small town called 28 de novembre. It is a small, nice, clean town (they even have sidewalks...) with terrfic and warm people. But the main reason to come here (besides the chance to experience a real authentic non touristic town and to get out of the wave for a short while) is the mirador of cerro Punta Gruesa. Thid mirador sits on the top of a not so high hill (only 1600 mts) but due to its location you can see from there on a good day (and we had an amazing day) the town of Puerto Natales, the bay of Ultima Espereza, a large portion of the south Patagonian andes, part of the giant Hielo sur glacier, and at top of it all, you can see the Torres del Paine (including the Cuernos), its probably the richest and most farseeing viewpoint in southern Patagonia. The area is filled with local animals including condors that fly over your head within spiting range. There is no marked path to the top of the mirador, so in order to visit it you need a guide. Simply go to the tourist information in the main plaza in the entrance of town and ask to speak with Franco Paz, Franco is a reporter for a local TV station and as a hobby he guides tours in the area. Besides him being a very nice person he has a very rich knowledge in animals, flowers and the area. He acompanied us and guided us during the entire tour (which is about 6 hours, not rough climbing at all) for no charge at all, and even helped us reserve tickets to El Calafate the next day. The only payment neccesary is 15 pesos for the taxi to the start point. How to get there and out : Each bus between El calafate or Rio Gallegos and Puerto Natales passes through Rio Turbio, from Rio Turbio you can either take bus(2 pesos, the station is on the corner of aven. Los Mineros and calle Hipolete Yigoleto something, next to the bank) or take taxi ( 1
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