Tour in favela

Hello guys...i am coming to explain everybody about FAVELAS in Rio de Janeiro Rio has around 600 favelas and between all of them we have ROCINHA the biggest one in LATIN AMERICA and by the way, it is really safe walk and being there..if it was not safe companies like : FAVELA TOUR,EXOTIC TOURS , JEEP TOURS, INDIANA TOURS , BE A LOCAL and many others would never do tours over there because IT SHOULD BE STUPID GIVE YOUR LIFE AWAY LIKE THAT... Well me and my friends from university we have lived there for while JUST to know the place and then help people teaching spanish and english FOR FREE to the kids, and by the way it is like the same in VIDIGAL people and kids from another favelas go to study theatre and acting with NOS DO MORRO ( a group of people that promoves movies ) that´s how came CITY OF GOD ...WELL, THERE WAS A MESSAGE BEFORE THIS ONE FROM A GUY WHOSE NAME IS YONATHAN...HE SAID HE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE IN FAVELA BEING STOLEN AND GOT HIS CAMERA OUT FROM GANGSTERS,and he said the guide from this tour was BRUNO it means ME AT LEAST I THINK HE WAS TALKING ABOUT ME...I AM REALLY SURE THAT IT DID NOT HAPPEN IN ROCINHA and i am really sure that I EVEN KNOW THIS GUY ...if it just happened why he did not call POCICE... P.S : I SPEAK 7 LANGUAGES : FRENCH, ENGLISH SPANISH,ITALIAN,GERMAN,PORTUGUESE,JAPONESE,AND I AM LEARNING HEBREW AS WELL...i don´t need to bring people to FAVELA and stolen them there i am not stupid . IF it had happened over there for sure HE WOULDN´T BE ALIVE TO SAY THAT. I am so sorry for this case and for this guy...He even contact me or sent me any email...i just wanna thank him for trying to fuck my job...and if someone wants to know if it is true what i am talking about give me a call and bring the POLICE if you don´t trust in me and i won´t charge you about it... P.S : I am really fond of Israelian people and their culture otherwise i won´t do this never ever for a price so cheap like that... i have already called the POLICE
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