Tour in Favela

Rocinha is the largest FAVELA in Latin America and its history is very interesting because for many years tourists from all worldwide come to this FAVELA to discover how its comunity live and how kids grow up through the violence and across this world of drugs inside of each favela in BRAZIL...Actually if you go to favela you will see and keep for your whole lifEtime the importance that the education can do in our lives sometimes we have oportunities and we take it away meanwhile they never had been one chance to show thae capacity that they have...Now we are giving this oportunity through you... EMAIL : phone : 55 21 94633118 Brazilians slums are known for the poverty and violence that swirl through their streets. Frequently discussed in the media, these shanty towns have grown infamous through often unfair characterization.While conditions in these slums are not ideal, nor are things as bad as often portrayed. Much good is being done and there are many nice things to say about peeople who live in these underprivileged ROCINHA you will see 150.000 people working 24 hours non-stop just to keep this favela on the highest point of all.
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