great place

i want to recomend of a very good place, "mi casa", its the same villa like "casa lagito", and it has a hostel pirice, like doormitoriom. its a house on the water in cartajena, theres an acsses to the water from the appartmeant, theres a sweeming pool, billiard in the pourch, tv + dvd, 3 rooms with view to the sea, air con., kitchen, and theres a plan to open there an resturant with israeli food. its 25,000 for a night, the adress: av. 1 on. 2-70 El Laguito tel: 6658963 cel: 3122120186
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sit hall



its the worst plce in sut amrica you have alot bther hostels in bocagrande that cost lass like casa andrea