a few updates about cruz de los mares

i really tried to use the special keyboard but i just can´t. we came back from the trek afew days ago,so here are some updates: the buses to san juan go 4 days a week: saturday monday, wednesday, friday and . the hours: 7.30 and 18:00 the bus go back to punta arenas the moment it gets to san juan. to be sure u should ask the driver. Claudio at the blue house knows where the bus station is. thanks to us he also has the phone number of Jose Nadon - the owner of the bus company. u can buy a fine map at the ¨hostel restaurant¨ u go by on the first day of the trek. it cost three thousand peso and it can be really usefull
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Recomiendo hostal blue house



sorry my inglish is not very good. I recomend if do you want information for the treking Cruz de los Mares, you can go to the HOSTAL BLUE HOUSE ,speak with Claudio he have old the information maps, and picture and the horas hostal blue house 61-227006 punta arenas