arraial do cabo- rio de janeiro

i visited one amazing place in Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!! First really close to Rio de Janeiro - just 160km far away- (just toke a bus in Rio busstation ticket 30,00 per person. the hostel Villas Boas . They are really friendly stuff, they speak english, the hostel is raelly cheap and the beaches are just unbeliveble. I dont know why this place is still not so famous. The hostel has a nice swwimpool, nice breakfast internet free also Wi-Fi. From there you can order diving course, boat trips with caipirinhas for free. Nice trekking around the island!!! what can i say?? lanscape is just amazing and this is so far the best beaches in brasil which i have seeing. amazing ACAI and cheap.. there is 8 beaches with beautiful blue water and white sand, sandboard , surfing, surfing classes!!! Roberta knows EVERYTHIng.... just ask her :) mpicked me up from bus station for free. 22-26222436

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