HI every one we did the trip with this %$#@ company which is call enjoy huayhuah.since the bigining evry things was so disorganize. they promesed us to give us privite transportation and we had just local bus , the food was not enough,there was no emergency horse but they ppromesed us to give us 3 but we din,t get any emergency horse, the donkeys was not enough to carry our equipment ; we need to carry our equipmet by our selves and in the second camp our friends were sick becouse of the altitude sickness and they almost die becouse we din,t have any emergency horse at all. please we don,t recomend to enyone to pass those this in your treks and we don,t recomend this shity company.becouse they are not profesional they only are donkey drivers and they don,t know how to organize the 3 days we come back to huaraz them we went to police and the police say that they can do any thing to them becouse they don,t have any licence and permission to have a thavel agency. so is that happend to u you will not able to do any thing like us, just don,t go with this informal agency
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