קרנבל אחר באורו פרטו

there are a lot of places which you can do the carnaval in it, but this place is very very very recomanded. OURO PRETO is 6 hours norther then rio de janeiro. its a students city. very beatiful city. not a lot of israelis know about this place - yet... to do the carnaval there is very very cheap comper to other cities like rio or salvador. the whole point is that you sleep in dorms room, in students room. girls are sleeping in boys dorm, and boys are sleeping in girls dorms. its not dangerous place, like salvador for example. you can go with everything on you... free food all day long... free alcohol all day long.. one big party all day.. and all night... 24 hours a day!! very very recomanded!!!!! you wont regret... גל עולה 2006

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