do not go to the agency nixs brazil

me and a friend baught two bus tickets from them to salvador, thats an 8 hours ride at night,the bus goes at midnight. we got there and a girl from another agency called - brazil trip tour - asked us were are we going - salvador. she told us to get on the minibus, we put our bags in the bagage and we went in. when she asked for our tickets - she looked at it and told us its another bus. it wasnt a bus - it was a falling appart minivan, and they didnt wanna move our bags to that minivan in an axcuse they dont have a place!!! in the middle of the horrible way the minivan driver decided he doesnt wanna take us anymore!!! after a lot of balagan he was willing to go to his town - which was on the way - and wake up some of his friends - they took us with their on privat cars !!! and the agency told us the price includes the fairy to salvador but it didnt !! and they dont give recipt so you cant prove anything.. thats my story - thanks for reading it and stay away from both - nixs brazil and - brazil trip tour. naama and shirit

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