So, if you dont wanna spend $180 in the inca trail, or dont wanna do it, here is updated info (april 2006( GETTING THERE Go to the train station at the Centro Artesanal at the end of Av.del Sol in Cuzco.. Take your passport Train departs from Ollanataytambo, a bus there costs 5 soles and it takes about 1.30 hs. Now, you have 2 options to MAchu pichu The first, buy the cheapest ticket for $44 round trip.This takes you from Ollantaitambo to Aguas Calientes at 20.00 pm arriving at 21.40 pm. There you spend the night.Next day you spend it all at machu pichu and go back to Aguas to spend another night.The train leaves to Ollantaitambo on the netx morning at 5.45 am SO, its only $44 and you get a whole day in machu, 2 nights at Aguas. the best option. The second option is to buy the $53 round trip leaving Ollantaitambo at 11 am , getting to Aguas at 12.40 and coming back at 17.40 arriving at Ollantaytambo at 19.20 on the same day . The entrance fee to MAchu is $10 with ISIC card. Some Practical Information about visiting the Ruins ////////////////////////////////////////////// The ruins are a lot quieter before 11am and after 3:30pm. Buses run between the ruins and Aguas Calientes approximately every 15 minutes with the last bus back to Aguas Calientes at 5:30pm. It´s a 40 minute walk if you miss the bus. Monday is the busiest day, as many people head off to Machu Picchu after visiting Pisac market on Sunday. July, August and September are the busiest months when up to 2000 people visit the ruins everyday. The mountain overlooking Machu Picchu is called Huayna Picchu and can be climbed to get great views of the whole site. Allow 2½ hours return trip - not recommended for sufferers of vertigo. The narrow trail can be quite dangerous at times after wet weather. The path is open 7am to 1pm but you must return before 3pm. You must register at the hut at the beginning of the trail.

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