Keep away from Florida Hostel

Hostel florida might be one of the cheapest hostel in San Pedro... 5000 peso for a night in a dorm But!!! One of the Managers there named Armin is a HUGE basterd... hated Israelis... we wanted to play poker on the table in the patio and he got mad at us... started to yell at us and for the end he said- You israelis just want to come and make truble and noise and do what ever you want... After all that he acted like every day like he never said it.. wanted some hebrew lessons and stuff so FUCK HIM!!! Btw the hostel isnt so clean and you dont have alot of Hot water as he says all the time... Oh and at the night you have no water at all... very nice!! Have a good trip and cook your own food in San Pedro because resturants here cost alot!! i mean ALOT! cooking your own food costs like half or more the price

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