The Lovely Samaipata

So you got to Santa Cruz ... what to do? Santa Cruz has not much to offer,instead, head right straight to the lovely and peacefull Samaipata, 2hours from S.Cruz. HOW TO GET THERE : The best way : take a cab from the bus station (it should not cost more than B$10) to EXPRESO SAMAIPATA TAXIS, Street Omar Chavez Ortiz, esquina Solis de Olguin. This is a service very similar to our "monit sherut", a taxi awaits for 4 passangers, once its full it departs.It costs B$25 per person. It takes 2:10 hs and the ride itself has great landscapes. There is also a bus at 16:00 from the bus station I believe. WHERE TO STAY: Once you get off the taxi at the main plaza, all you have to do is to stroll in the surroundings till you find a place you like, they are all located arround the plaza and there are a lot, so dont worry about accomodation. There is one called "LA POSADA", owned by an american wacko who married a bolivian woman. Very good place, and the gringo also gives lectures on coca leaves , quite a stand up. They serve breakfast too even if you wake up late! It costs about B$20 or $B25 depending on your negotiation skills NIGHTLIFE : There is a place called GALAXY, its a karaoke located 1 block from the plaza, youºll have a great laugh there, some 20 odd bolivians go there to sing their crappy songs, it was so funny. Beer, 1 liter, B$10. The Mosquito is also a "hot spot" in that small town. Mainly Samaipata its so small and peacefull that all the tourists know each other after 20 minutes, its a nice atmosphere. WHAT TO VISIT: in the main page if you are taking cabs, bargain heavily, and ask in your hotel how much you should pay. sometimes the driver waits for you while you visit the place, do not let him limit you with the time! try to talk with the other tourists for tips or to do the tour together, its cheaper. MONEY: They have a small Exchange office where you can change dollars at good rates (1 dollar = 7.96 bolivians) On
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