sunshine hostel/a new hostel in medellin

sunshine hostel (0 comments) calle 9 # 43c - 36 Tel: 57 4 5820305 Tel: 314 6698957 Website: www.sunshinemedellin.com . a new hostel, located in poblado - the best part of the city,near a huge supermarket (Exito) and parque poblado. 5 min. from the metro station,and only 5 min from parque lleras,which is the main place for the city nightlife. dorms starting from 17,000, price for a private room - from 35,000.it´s a big house and the back part has a cool chill out zone,hammocks,and hookah service.the kitchen is always open,the coffee is for free and don´t forget the ping pong table...enjoy medellin!

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