passing to bolivia

well to all of u this is a very important mail, no other site have this information so plz appreciate this. to all of u that want to pass from Brazil to Bolivia there r few ways: 1)a flight SALVADOR-SANTA CRUZ 850RIAL ABOUT 400$(US DOLLAR) SALVADOR- LA PAZ 950RIAL, 450$(US DOLLAR) DON`T FORGET: the prices is different in every company,if u have time check with Israeli agencies ,sometimes it is cheaper. don`t forget that the closer that u buy the ticket to the day that u want to fly it will be much more expensive. 2)BUSES to take a bus to Santa Cruz it the cheapest way, but not by much and it about 3 days on the road. i didn`t do it but if u want to do it check everything, cuz`i met people that got fucked up with the buses. if u asking me- not recommended!!!!! 3)MY WAY I took a flight to CAMPO GRANGE (it is 6 hours from the border) the flight cost me 477$rial(include tax), from there i took a bus to CORUMBA(the border). u have buses to CORUMBA everyday,at least10 buses that the last one goes in 12;00(midnight) so don`t worry u will be able to catch a one. the bus costs 64rial and u need to get to the terminal to buy it, take a bus and not a taxi(don`t be lazy). u can come to the terminal and wait in a waiting room that belongs to the company instead of paying. when u r coming to CORUMBA u need to sign your passport there in the terminal,it is open between 8-11 in the morning and 14-18. pass to the Bolivian side as soon as u can and buy a ticket there for the train it is much cheaper!!!, but pay attention if you r not sure so u can buy ticket in the Brazilian side, in my opinion u don`t need to. From the border u take a taxi to the train (don`t forget to argue about the price). here is the prices and the time for the train: the good train: with food and air conditioner, Monday-Wednsday-Friday it takes about 12 hours and it costs 234bolivian for cama and 202Bolivian for semi cama(not a big different),in dollars it is 25us dollar, IN THE BR

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