volenteering with jaguars, pumas, and all kinds

hi, im ohad and im in bolivia now sow thats whay im writing in english, if somone could translate that to hebrew it would be grate.. anyway i wanted to tell you about an animal shallter about 6 houers ride north of santa cruz. it is actually a brother-shallter to the one in via tunary, but no israelys know about it. ijust came back for two weeks and i was the only israely there the hall time. this parque warks mostly with jaguars and pumas. to get to work with one you have to stay for at least one month. you could also stay for 2 weeks, but thats not the same kind of work. you take care of birds, deers, tapirs and other kind of stuff wich is very very importent, but not as interesting... i was lucky and got to work with two amasong monkeys. only one guy from the two weekers can do that. how to ge there: the prque is 10 minuts north of santa maria, wich is 40 minuts north of guarayos wich is 5 houers north of santa cruz. money: it costs 180 us dollars for the first two weeks and that includs a bed and tree meals a day. its not that grate of conditions. thers no electricity and no runing hot water (cold water you have plany of)its not a lugsuary life, but its an importent cause, and allso lots of fun.

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