Hi everybody, last month we arrived in Huaraz in Peru and we wanted to do a trekking. we went looking around for an agency that could arrange that for us, one that I could trust and doens´t rip me off. I visited different agencies, compared the prices and I found this one called ANDESCAMP. They had cheap prices and organised everything for me. We went on a daytrip to Chavin de Huantar to experience some of the culture of this area. After that we went on the Santa Cruz trekking for 4 days with them. It was really beautifull. The organisation of the trek was very good. I liked it so much that we decided to do another trek with ANDESCAMP called Huayhuash. It was the most beautifull trek I did in our whole trip in South America. Everything was well organised: the transportation, the food, the guide, everything. And if you had any problem you can always pass by to ask for help or information. We really recommend this agency ANDESCAMP for all your trips in Huaraz Have a good trip!
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