Most recommended guides in Lencois

I just came back from 3 days trekking to the phumacha, Chapada Diamantina (36 km). Tip - this is not an easy trek and one who is not familiar with walking should take the daily tour instead! Two excellent guides I trek with are very recommended (after looking 2 days after English spoken and happy people..) 1.Yuri Santos yuri639@hotmail.com, Tel - (75) 33341522 Yuri (21) speak English very well and he just a happy person... so it just fun to walk and talk with him.. 2. Hari harebol@hotmail.com Tel - (75) 99789221 Great guide (38, rasta-man), cook like a`shef` and very responsible. Hari doesn´t speak English but he really good karma person.

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