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HAVITUSH - CHARGED DOUBLE THE PRICE AND CHEATED US!! We bought tickets from Cusco to Puno from Havitush, and ordered media-cama (30 sol). when we arrived on the bus we discovered it was a regular local bus, which stopped in every tiny village and almost broke down twice. we asked people around us and they told us they paid half the price - 15 sol. We gave Havitush a chance, thinking it was a mistake, and wrote them. they did not even respond. If you want to buy a ticket, go to the terminal terrestre and buy a ticket directly from one of the many companies. DONT PAY DOUBLE THE PRICE!!

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עזרנו לכם? הזמינו אותנו לקפה

הזמינו אותי לקפה
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30 sol...



מה חשבתם שתקבלו? SEMI CAMA זה כמו האוטובוסים של אגד לאילת פרו זה לא ארגנטינה חביבי תשלמו קצת יותר לאוטובוס איכותי! הכי קל זה להאשים אחרים... הגיע זמן לקחת אחריות אישית !