dont go to andeancamp!!!!

hola amigo! if u are reading this then u are probably looking for a tip about a good company that u can trust to give u agood service. well, andeancamp is not that company, we were 11 people that went with andeancamp to the huyhush and it was "hal hapanim".1 we had alot of problems with that company: 1. when we got there we had no hoses or donkeys and we had to wait two days untill we got our horses and donkeys so we can leave for the trek 2. one of the horses was wild and droped two people from it 3. one of the horses didnt had a place to put your legs safely 4. because the staff didnt clean the potes properly, some of us got diaria 5. during the trek we were missing 2 horses th111at we ordered and 1 donkey 6. the guide was unexperienced and sexiest to the girls and there was alot more ... when we came to talk to frank he suddenly disapeared and we had to look for him for two days because he knew that he will have to bring us our money back. when we found him and talked to him he was nice but unfair and agreed to give us a small amount back that was under the amount we deserved. andeancamp is no good, pay a bit more and go with someone else, u are only going to do this once in yourlife, make sure its the right one

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