לינה בסלבדור- סאו גורג

real nice hostel in pelourinho- sau jorge it is right up the main stage performances in pelo, inside the historical zone, 3 blocks from the bus station-praca de se, from the airport (there is a bus for 4 reals that takes ap.2 horas but is better than a taxi if you don´t come at night)and from the city.most of the year it is preety cheap- ask them in the mail( for example now i a paying 15R which is the cheapest in town!) close to all capuera classes, dancing classes, and night shows. if you come- a block from here on the same street there is a fix plate for 4 reals- and good shakes. and if you are in here- don´t miss a kandomble ceramony!!!! it is one of the Most amazing things you will see! enjoy :) P.S- WHEREVER YOU GO HERE-IN PELO OR BARRA- DON´T WALK AROUND WITH TOO MUCH VALUABLE STUFF!!!

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