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Business owner in South and central America

South and central America has become in the last passed years to an attractive destination for the Israeli travellers, their numbers are growing every year! And a trip after finishing the army service has become a tradition.
“Gringo” is a website that gives information and helps all the Israeli travelers in south America, the travellers are using the recommendations and tips in the site and by that improving the experience of the trip.
Our site is running more then 9 years and became one of the leading tourist sites for South America and central america.
You as a business owner can advertise your place of business and the services that you give and by that increase the number of customers.
 The automatic system is adjusted to all kinds of business but especially to ones that works with tourists like: hotels, hostels, restaurants, pubs, travel agencies etc...
So after this introduction what do you really get:

1.business page – in the business page you will get your own place to tell about your business, to call the travellers to come and  to write what the business offers.
You will be able to upload photos of the business, also mark from a list all the features that describe your business.
In this page the surfers can send you e-mails with an easy and simple system.
In every part you can change the details about your business through a management system (panel that you receive (see section 4


2.The coupon – in addition to the business page you also get a coupon, that in it you you will  be able to publish a benefit to the travellers and by that attract many travellers that will print the coupon and will come to your place of business to use the benefit.
In every part you can change the details in the coupon through (a management system panel that you receive(see section 4


3.business table - all the business will be shown and be arranged in randomize table and the surfers could sort and classify the business by: country , city and category
[click here to see the business table]


 4.Manager login – every business manager can enter a special “manager panel” to control his advertisement, from there with an easy and simple  menu you will be able to change in any time the info about your place,  your benefit in the coupon, photos and more…
moreover u can extend anytime the number of months to advertise through the simple system.

And the most important thing: the price only
 11.6$ dollar a month
*The charge(payment) will be made by the company “netpay”. “Netpay “ is a company that specializes in trade operations interpersonal in the internet. 
To perform the deal requires an international credit card or cards that are valid in Israel.
also there is a 12 months minimum.
*Our automatic system of adding your business works in Hebrew and in English, but in many parts u will get guiding in Spanish.
The system is very easy to work with and does not requires much effort.

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