2/3/2009 12:25:44 AM


roomates for carnaval-salvador

hi all we are looking for roomates for an apartment in salvador ! we are coming to brazil in a week from argentina , after two months and planning to be in salvador few days before the karnaval ! we are currently in contact with a few metavchim and have to close soon before no apartments are left ! so be quick and contact us by mail to have fun ron and adi ! -159-


2/3/2009 3:12:34 AM

im also interested in finding apartments and partners for the carnaval. i sent u an email keep in touch


2/3/2009 2:30:43 PM

מה קורה?...אני וחברה שלי נגיע גם כמה ימים לפני הקרנבל ונשמח לשותפים לחדר...תוכלו למצוא אותי בפייסבוק roy knafo? או במייל