3/30/2010 2:56:20 PM


Puyehue again... buses

hello and hag sameach!! so i have been trying to look for buses information online but i couldnt so hopefully one of the awesome kasazoola or anyone else can help me after the puyehue i want to go up north to kordova or rosario and i wonder whats the best way the ideal is to take a bus from bariloche straight to the park, abd after that go from osorno straight up north BUT i need to rent a tent, sleeping bag etc... so i need to get back to bariloche so bekizur my question are those: 1- is it really a bad idea to go first to osorno to rent all the equipment there?? in there really only 1 store there for that? 2- how much is it buses from ·bariloche -Puyehue or bariloche - osorno (is it the same or different prices) · osorno - santiago ·santiago - mendoza/kordova ·bariloche - endoza/kordova and what is the financialy best way to get up to north argentina after the trek sorry about all the questions i been searching the internet for hours and cant find a decent site with answers... pesach sameash noa


4/1/2010 6:52:56 AM

I´ve done the Puyuhue 2 monthes ago or so and did the other way around, from Osorno to Bariloche. I don´t have a clue about renting equipment in Osorno, I had mine. The rumors said that there is not many places to find something, eventhough you can buy some not that of expensive equipment in the Mall in Osorno. Bariloche to Puyuhue is 90 pesos, more or less. If I remember right, you just take the bus to Osorno and get off in the park. Just watch out and ask to get down near the restaurant and not the rangers cabin, it will save you few kilometers of walking. Osorno - Santiago I don´t have an idea. Bariloche - Mendoza is something like 230 pesos for semi cama with the cheapest company. To Cordoba I found for 270 in the terminal in a company named something with 3 letters if I remember right, TUS or something like that. When I finished the trek, I walked 5 km to the border and hitchhiked to Bariloche, it was pretty smooth. The other alternatives is to buy a ticket ahead and wait on the road for the bus or just to hope that you will have a free place, eventhough it´s usually not happening. Anyway, good luck with the trek, is a very good one, eventhough I would maybe recommend to do the Villarica Traverse instead, eventhough it´s sounds less cool, without the volcano crator, the termas or the geizers, but the views, the amount of fun the veriaty are much more impressive then the Puyuhue, eventhough it depends on the order you do it, I guess. If you have other questions,