Vila Carioca

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Rua Estacio Coimbra 84, Botafogo

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BEACH? HAVAIANAS? SHOPPING? ISRAELI FRIENDLY STAFF? GOOD RATES? Vila Carioca will be your house in Rio. We are the only Israeli-friendly hostel that can provide you good rates along with confort. All the info you need, from where to buy cheap havaianas to bus tickets, from kosher food to Beit Chabad, from travel tips to Arraial da Ajuda or Cusco to Favela Tour and Maracana football games! We know what your needs are! Best breakfast and service, only 5 minutes away from Copacabana and the Sugar Loaf. Read our customers reviews in gringo before you book and you will sure choose for the best!
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Vila Carioca

Rua Estacio Coimbra 84, Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


[email protected]

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