ginger´s paradise

מאת: radical, בתאריך: 10.03.2013

hola, i want to give my PERSONAL opinion about that place: if you are into working and volunteering, this is the place for you. but if you are just looking for a place to stay, and maybe work a little for discount like i did, dont go there. i went there since there is no other place in bermejo to stay. i was willing to work and sleep in a tent, but since i couldnt eat their food (personal problem), i only paid 20 bs and didnt work. as a resault from that, chris and sol made me feel very unwellcomed, and the only reason i stayed was to wait until my treck with vicente. the wat i see it, the whole thing is just taking advantage of tourist as cheap labor that pays to work, but thats just me. a few good thing: the kids, dizy and gingers are great, and vicente is an amazing tourist guide. he only speaks spanish, but can communicate very well (my spanish is barely basic). his phone number is 67731953 and i recomend talking to him before getting to bermejo.

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